Friday, November 13, 2009

New News

So sadly I haven't written in a really long time. For those few people who read my blog I apologize profusely and hope you will come back to reading it as I plan to come back to writing it. I have been very sick recently and sdly last year in december I was diagnosed with angio sarcoma cancer stage 4. Which is awful. I'm fighting the battle and I strive to beat it but we shall see what happens. I'll never give up hope. As for where my life has been in writing, it has sadly been on hold for the most part. But good news i will be graduating this december with a bachelor of arts degree in English. I also plan to begin to attend Arcadia University in the summer to get my masters. I'm really excited about the classes I can take there and the whole program. They even have a course on Jane Austen that I am really looking forward to taking. Hope all are doing well out there in the literary world. I am back and ready to write!